Bulldog Seal is an easy to apply, high fibre acrylic paste waterproofing compound suitable for residential and industrial use. Bulldog Seal exhibits bridging properties that also makes it
suitable for non-waterproofing applications such as sealing cracks in wall surfaces, wooden facias and even the preparation of spalled areas. No membrane required.

Roof Applications include all tiles, flat concrete, corrugated galvanised and asbestos sheeting.
The high fibre acrylic paste waterproofing compound is ideal for domestic and industrial use; easy application over prefabricated metal roof panes. This flexible system when applied in a white colour will reflect sunlight, thus causing a lower temperature in the structure.
Application technique.

Water Applications include dams, troughs, cement and gunite swimming pools, garden fountains and fish ponds. Other projects include dam walls, basements, screeds, walkways, balconies, retaining walls, floors & terraces, water tanks, sewerage tanks, pumping stations, sub-structures, canals, and sumps. Application technique.

Timber Applications include wooden facias, window frames, log and timber clad homes, as well as fencing and doors. The product may also be used as a waterproof wood adhesive.
Application technique.
Wall, Brick & Block Applications include sealing stone, porous concrete, brickwork and masonry. Bulldog Seal may also be used to seal cracks in wall surfaces. Application technique.



Water Applications

Timber Applications

Wall & Brick Applications
Muur-, Steen- & Betonblokaanwendings

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